Building Your Union Right Now with Presence

Your Union is not outside of you. You may have heard this so many times. But can we really experience this in the present moment?

The answer is a resounding yes!! And the key to this divine experience is the immense pain the absence of your Twin Flame is causing you.

The pain that you are feeling right now may be because they are not talking to you, are with someone else, is far away from you..anything..the block may manifest in a way that allows you to come into awareness of this pain that already was.

Building presence is about cultivating the divine friendship with God and feeling into the feeling of God always being present with you, all of you. In absence of this relationship with God, you may feel abandoned, unloved, a lack of communication. But does this relationship really not exist? No. This relationship is always there for you to be claimed right away at this moment. Just feel into your heart and ask God, are you really present for me here, and really feel into it. Experience for yourself what God answers.

Congratulations, if you felt the nectar of divine love flowing through your heart. Feel deeper into this feeling and look out for places where you are not connected to this love and presence of God.

This is the place where you find love, find answers. Ask a question, a doubt and you will always be guided. As you feel deeper into this place you will understand the true meaning and magnificence of this Divine Presence that lays submerged in the ocean of countless thoughts, waiting for the waves of maya to subside, so that it can show you the depth of its existence.

Once you become One with this Presence, your Twin Flame Union is manifested.