Can Tarot Cards Confirm Your Twin Flame

When you are just starting on the journey and have no ides what the path ahead  holds for you, it can feel very intimidating. Thus we resort to finding confirmation of our journey outside ourselves, commonly through tarot cards.

Tarot cards are indeed a useful way to understand your current energies, however, what I would like to take your focus to the fact that if it is helpful anyway in knowing who your Twin Flame is.

Firstly, the journey to Union is one of deep inner work in which you need to let go of your ego and surrender to God. This is a journey of total surrender and committment to divine. There is nothing else that is required from you.

In such a case, wanting confirmation actually binds to the outcome, ather than you releasing attachment and surrendering to the journey.

You can use tarot as a means to do your inner work, but other than that there is little use of it.