Heal Powerlessness in your Union

Claim Your Divine Power

While we are on a Spiritual Journey, we do focus on growing ourselves in areas of Love, Kindness, Peace and Joy. These are deemed to be the highest spiritual goals and they are. Power on the other hand is slightly misunderstood and we generally ignore the inner work required to heal our core blocks to power.

What is Divine Power?

Power is simply the ability to choose peace in any situation , simply put. When you think you don't have a choice to  be peaceful at any moment, that is powerlessness.

How can powerlessness affect our Union?

Believing you don't have the power to cause a shift in your Union: If you believe God showed you this journey, only to take your twin flame away from you and keep you away from your good, you are making the situation more powerful than your Choice. 

Unhealthy Boundaries

Are you overextending your cup. This is a question you need to ask yourself. With your twin flame, your parents, children, job you may be extending your energy at the expense of your own self. This happens because deep down we feel powerless in saying no to a person or situation not serving us. Feeling like not having a choice is more about leaking your power. You always have a choice, that is what the Teaching of Union as taught by Jeff and Shaleia ask you to strive for.

Seeing yourself as weak or incapable.

Seeing yourself as weak or incapable is just not claiming your power at a particular place in your heart. As a Divine being God created you completely capable of creating everything you desire. Its just a misalignment which makes you feel disconnected to this Divine power residing in you. All you need to do is make a choice to love yourselves at that place, and the power returns.

We are not giving this reality so that we spend our lives in survival mode by being slaves to it. We are giving this life and this world to create our good,  channel our love into things and make this world a more beautiful place to live it.

The fruition of this way of living starts with you coming into aware of your full power and only allowing love to guide your steps. Doing this you become a creator of your reality and your Heaven on Earth is revealed to you.