Healing Codependency From You Twin Flame Union

Here we mainly try to address emotional co-dependency.

Co-dependency is simply being dependent on one another for very basic emotional needs. The purpose of life is to come into Union with your true self.For this to happen, one must take the journey of discovering who they truly are and in the pursuit of this Goal, it is extremely necessary to see yourselves as whole and complete. Unless one does not see oneself as a complete image of the divine, attaining true liberation is impossible. When one sees oneself as being a divine image of God, it would be easier for them to understand and connect with the deeper truth that God is their source and not the world outside.

The first step to healing this is to catch yourself when you are feeling bad, and to address this, rather than looking within and connecting this part of yourselves that feels bad with the love within you, you start searching for this love outside. Love only lies within. It's never on the outside. Even if you think you receive love from your partner or friends, it's your own love you give yourself when someone on the outside seems to do so.

Rather than giving this illusionary key to someone else, why not realize and connect with the source of abundant love that lies within your very being?