Healing the Fear of Attack in the Twin Flame Journey

When you meet your Twin Flame and progress on your Healing Journey ,there is one fear which becomes very difficult to feel and face.

This is the Fear of Attack.

The Fear of attack is a a very primary fear embedded deep into our consciousness which stops us from functioning freely. This fear triggers chains of thought that may make us believe that the possibility of something wrong to happen, of us being attacked is very high, and this makes our mind stay at a constant vigil.

Does this fear help us in anyway?

Fear, even of the survival nature is not helpful. What is needed is awareness to protect ourselves, not fear. This awareness stems from love, the love that gives us healing, safety and the ability to think through a situation with deeper clarity.

Few things that will help you cultivate love in place of fear

Once you are able to get past this fear, you will understand how liberating the experience of life truly is and will be able to live and love to the fullest.