How to start on your Twin Flame Journey?

The Initial Confusion and Mayhem

Are you just starting on your Twin Flame Journey, have you made an attempt at looking into readings, reading up about the joinery, maybe also tried energy healing in some way. However, even after doing all the mentioned things, you may find yourselves at a place where you do not feel very peaceful. You may question the journey and the steps you have taken till now. 


Doing Energy work on my Own

I was at this very place where I had been doing chakras, chanting, pranayama for a year. There were shifts in my energy, however the peace was missing. I was missing a very key part of the journey, which is really grounding all the healing that I did deeply into me.

Finding Jeff and Shaleia's Work

This is where I found Jeff and Shaleia’s work and that proved to be a game-changer. I took my first session with my Ascension Coach, and it went like this..Me trying to make her believe I have done all the “right” things in my journey, putting my energy into myself, not allowing my twin flame to leak my energy in any way, having my boundaries. This is ok she said, but is it giving me peace, she asked. I answered with a sad no.

What is this Journey about?

This is very I understood a deeper truth about the Twin Flame journey, its never about your Twin Flame, its about you!!.. How does everything that your Twin Flame is doing affecting you. The continuous marathon that we run to get our Twin Flame and somehow have them commit to us, fails the very purpose of the journey.

 It is not a journey about “getting married to the hot guy you cannot forget” !! 

It really is about you

What that hot guy is doing on the outside that makes you mad.. You need to let that person go..and focus on the madness(preferably called Upset) you feel within. 

This Upset stores the key to your Union.

Doing the Mirror Exercise

Step 1: State your upset-> I am upset at my Twin Flame because he/she is with someone else.

Step 2: Reverse the nouns and pronouns to point to yourself-> I am upset at my myself because I am with someone else.

Step 3: Is there any truth to this statement-> The answer is always a Yes because this is there in your experience.

Step 4; Speak to this part -> Ask what her/her needs right now to feel loved and give love there, till that part melts into you.

Check back again, do you still feel upset?

Repeat the above steps till you feel complete peace.

This clearing of your inner blocks is what actually heals the separation within. As a beginner you can write down all upsets that you feel, even the tiniest ones and heal them. Doing this continuously over a period of time will take you towards joy, love and peace.

 There will be a time where you will feel very grounded in this love and peace and will be able to channel it into your Life Purpose. This is you coming into your Union within. Majorly, it is healing your blocks to love and channeling this love into your Purpose that grounds you into Harmonious Union within, and this attracts your Union without.

Happy Healing!!

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