Is The Twin Flame Journey Real

A Fad Or Divine Truth

With all the varying information available on the internet, Twin Flames can indeed seem like this new age fad people are into.So this is a very valid question to ask yourself. What is the truth behind this and if you are experiencing something which seems to have the signs of a twin flame connection, what you should be doing. Apply logic and move away from the person and get into a relationship with someone else. This may seem to give you some control over the pain the situation may be causing you and may look like the obvious option, but would this bring you peace.

Also, how do you know the right and wrong in any situation.The problem is that we have been taught to deal with our feelings with control, not love.The simple answer would be :

a. Understand the true purpose of this journey.

b. Do the inner work, to see if it creates a change in your reality.

Understanding The Journey

The first is understanding the journey. So, we are trying to have our Twin Flame. But how can we guarantee that we will no doubt get this person if we follow the journey of Union. The Teachings Of Union as shared with us by Jeff and Shaleia, do not propagate the idea of getting any random person on the outside. It is your True Twin Flame. And how is this result guaranteed. For this you would have to understand what separation and Union essentially mean. Separation is a state of consciousness, a state of knowing where you are separated from God and your thoughts and beliefs are dominated by fear, as this separation from God, results in getting separated from the love within, which results in fear. Twin Flame Union is a mere result of continuously healing this state of separation, identifying your blocks to love and feeling the oneness with Love and God within. Its simply an inner journey you take whose destination is only dictated by how much love you feel within.

Doing The Work

Now that you understood what it means to heal Separation and come into a state of Union, lets look at how can you do the work to see shifts in your own reality.There are things in your reality right now, which do not feel exactly good to you. The situations are nothing but mere reflection of the separation consciousness you are holding within. The best way to heal separation and see small changes happening is doing the mirror exercise.Once you heal the blocks presented on the outside, your reality starts shifting towards love, you start noticing positive changes on the outside.

That's how you know the work really works!!

Check out this video to know more!!