Making Your Twin Flame Value You

This is a very common upset that may come up in your Union.

You share the same energy and consciousness with your twin flame.

They can't help but mirror all the places where you haven't loved yourselves completely and are not valuing yourself or respecting yourselves for who you are.

Because of the kind of programming you have received in the world since your childhood, your mind tells you that in reality you have no value and are not worthy of love. We are so used to feeling this way that we don't even understand that this is a misalignment and not the Truth.

The Truth is that you are created in God's image, and are perfectly lovable the way you are.

The world has made us believe that to receive love, we need to change ourselves on the outside and only then we would be loved. This is like you running with a carrot tied to a stick. You see, at every moment there will be something that your mind will tell you to do before you can feel valued or loved. This isn't the way God intended you to experience life.

All of life is in the Now.

You need to love yourselves Now

You need to value yourselves Now.

what this means is that you do not value yourselves on the fulfillment of certain conditions. You value yourselves unconditionally. You love yourselves unconditionally. This love and value you give yourselves now, actually helps you grow.

So, whenever you feel that your Twin Flame may not be valuing you, it's a mere reflection of this block you have within.  It may manifest as them not giving you the importance, the love you desire to receive. They are not doing this to hurt you in truth. They are just telling you to learn unconditional love for yourselves first. Once you love yourself, this block gets healed from your shared consciousness, and the love and the value you give yourselves is reflected back in your Union.