Marriage Vs Union and Manifesting Marriage with Your Twin Flame

As we are starting on our Twin Flame journey, doing the working and making progress, a haunting question that comes to mind is "Will I ever get together with my Twin Flame", or "It's not possible to be married, should I leave the journey".

Marriage is just the social and legal recognition of a relationship. So understanding the spiritual ground on which the foundations of relationships lie is very important.

Primarily there are 3 relationship paradigms in spiritual sense:

Karmic : Here 2 people come together in a relationship/marriage to learn karmic soul lessons and let go of karmic debt. This helps in releasing unhealthy energy patterns which may have been making them take the same unhealthy choice again and again. This relationship can last a duration which depends on how the lessons are being learned.  Once the learnings are over, the connection naturally dissolves.

Soul-mate: Here 2 people come together with an intention of helping each other grow with important life lessons. They may help each other transition important life lessons.However, the element of Spirit may be missing here. Once a person has completed their earthly growth cycles/lessons, this connection may feel shallow and connection to the soul begins to get seeked.

Twin Flame:  Once a person starts understanding the call of love and slowly starts understanding their connection with God, they automatically start connecting with the energy of divine love and this naturally magnetises their Twin Flame into their life. Twin Flames meet each other where karmic cycles are nearning completion. The purpose of Twin Flame Union is complete Ascension to Divine. Ascension is the process of clearning up the illusions of fear and completely grounding into the energy of unconditional love. When you meet your Twin Flame, they present you with a Divine Mirror. This mirror reflects all the places, you may have chosen anything other than love, the fears of abandonment, unworthiness, lack of self respect may come up to be healed. This may make this connection feel toxic in nature, however as you put loving boundaries, heal and surrender to love to show you the right way, your Twin Flame starts showing up in your life and through the process of healing and divine surrender, you come into Union.

Marriage in the truest sense is celebration of the Twin Flame Union, that already is.

The main purpose of explaining these relationship paradigms is just to show you that it is your spiritual vibration at any point in time that sets the tone of the relationship you are going into. A real and peaceful marriage thus can be done on the strong foundation of Harmonious Union. 

Thus it's very important for every soul to do the inner work to come into communion with Divine, because its your true nature and only a life grounded in the truth of who you are is completely liberating and fulfilling.

So, in essence, the focus needs to be shifted from getting completion through these societal labels and that completion needs to be obtained from God.

So, on getting married to your Twin Flame, just heal your feelings and try coming to the a place in your heart where you can surrender the connection peacefully to Divine. Your job is just to find this place of unconditional love and surrender within, God does the rest!!

So keep claiming love and allow God to show you the miracle of your Harmonious Union.