Reveal your Twin Flame Union through your Life Purpose

Let's first understand, what fundamentally a Twin Flame Union is.It is a state of consciousness you grow within, which helps you attract your divine life on the outside.

Now your divine life encompasses all the dreams that feel good to you, everything in your life you desire from a place of love.

That's why when you claim your Union, you are not only claiming your divine complement, you are also claiming all of your divine life, and you claiming your divine purpose is essential for this divine life to come to fruition.

Let's try to understand how claiming your purpose and claiming your twin flame go together.Right now if you are experiencing separation from your Twin Flame that may be because you and your Twin are holding on to fear in some place in your shared consciousness.

This fear also plays out in other aspects of your life. The different forms this fear can take are of abandonment, unworthiness, and lack of significance to name a few. 

As a soul, if you are not able to understand your life purpose and work on it, it may be due to these different fears which keep you from realizing what love is trying to communicate to you.

Before going any further, let's delve a little deeper into what life's purpose truly means. Life purpose is about sharing your life energy, your gift for something that calls to you. Spiritually speaking, there exists a place within this greater consciousness that calls for the gift only you can give. This is the amount of intricacy you have been created with. However, for this, you need to understand yourselves on a much deeper level. The deeper parts of your consciousness can open up, only when they are not shrouded in fear. To heal this fear, you just need to feel your feelings and give love where your soul asks for it. You can use the mirror exercise here, which would allow you to identify the fears playing out in your current situation. Once you apply it to heal yourself, your vibration would shift, The fear would no longer have control over you and once you receive love, you can very well go deeper into yourself.

As you build this love, and walk the path of purpose, this love will be reflected in your Twin Flame Union as well. The way you treat yourself and your purpose is the same way your twin flame treats you. There is no magic here. They are your divine mirror, and cannot love you unless you love yourselves deeply in every inch of your being that calls for love.

Build this love within yourself and channel it to your purpose and see it grow.

As it's said, magic happens when you don't give up, channeling this love into yourself and your work will bring you immense peace and joy and have your Union reflected back to you.