Twin Flame or Trauma Bond

In the Twin Flame journey, sometimes we judge the feelings we are going through. When we try to find on the internet, we are connecting to a plethora of terms, either trauma bond or limerence. These conditions are very real and if the situation is difficult, it good to see a psychologist and understand better.

But, if the signs and symptoms you are looking at match Twin Flames, and you have been guided to explore the inner work targeted at the Twin Flame journey, it is good to give your spiritual healing a serious consideration.

Any kind of romantic obsession arises from past unhealed trauma and this can be very deep.In an ideal situation, a connection should give you deep inner peace. But, generally in our journey of finding love, we need to have a healthy relationship with ourselves first before this can manifest on the outside.

This post addresses how inner work can help you clear this trauma and find peace, through which you can witness Divine Love in your life through your Twin Flame. Not only love, healing your traumas and upsets through spiritual techniques just helps you live life with more peace, clarity and joy.

So if you are going through this doubt, and have been guided towards the topic of Twin Flames, know that it’c completely safe to explore this.

A lot of the times, we feel difficulty in accepting this idea of romance and soulmates to be real. I was in the same both before, and it took me so long to understand that I can safely surrender to the journey, because the journey is about my own healing and progress. I do not need to worry about if this journey is real or not, if I will ever come into union or not. All I needed to do was commit fully into my inner work and make the state of joy and peace my goal, while cultivating a relationship with God. God takes care of the rest.

You will start believing in this journey, once you see the positive shits happening in your life. So safely commit to it and know that thing will shift as a result of an inner shift within you.

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Keep Healing!!