Where does your good come from

This Durga Puja I was asking Devi to show me where my good came from. As I was receiving the prasad of the pooja, I saw that my favourite sweet was missing. Nevertheless, I started digging into the it :) Few moments later, as I had a few spoons, I saw the sweet hiding beneath the layers of tamarind rice, waiting for me to find it. I smiled. That is what the Goddess meant. It's already within, you just have to dig a little deeper.

First we need to understand the definition of "good". I think half of our lives are about discovering it, the other half is about letting go of what was holding us back from it. Now good may mean so many things to so many people. The places you picture yourselves in, the relations which feel comforting, However, Jeff and Shaleia through their body of work describe good as all that is God and all that is Love. How this can be understood is that while we do seek to experience life in all its richness, the true feeling we are seeking with is deep Love that comes from God. It is the divinity we experience while moving through things in our life that makes us happy that we difine as our good. This is true for everything. Whether material luxuries, or emotional wealth. All we truly desire is the divine energy that makes us feel good. And this is indeed our good.

But how does our good increase. Does it increase by chasing these things that make us taste the divine nectar of life. If we continuously chase the problem is we are constantly placing the Source that provides our good outside, and this may drain us in the long run. So how do we get past this chase.

It is by coming back to ourselves and establishing a connection with ourselves that we connect to this infinite channel of love that continuously provides without draining us. This channel is ever existent source of life that replenishes  us.