I am writing a testimonial on a wonderful session today  with Ms.Sudikhya, It went really well, she taught me new ways to heal a lot of trauma that I have experienced  along the way with my dad and with other situations in my life ,currently working on a daily basis, she is an awesome reader of the mind and soul, I feel, she's connected to the truth of God's love and how it can heal just  about everything that we go through on a daily basis.

~ Dana Delana

This was my first one on one session with Sudikahya and it was amazing! From the moment that the session was scheduled till the end, she was there for me. She was compassionate, knowledgeable and yes we got to the root of some deep wounding that needed to be healed. She gave me the tools to address the onion like triggers that will be coming up in the future. It was not what I was expecting but it was better! I really recommend her. Thank you! 

~Edna Woods

It was really a very good session with Sudikhya Goswami. How to actually do the mirror exercise I hope I learnt from her in the session. I am really thankful to the whole TFU for guiding us in this wonderful journey. Really looking forward to more knowledge and support from you all.


Sudikhya is a beautiful coach, During healing she was very patient with me ☺️.i love how she guide me .she made me heal every upset patiently I connected with her very quickly. SHe taught me a lot about journey too .When she was healing me, i  felt how bravely she saw my illusions that I should surrender to God. She was present with me like a friend.